Now you can resist the temptation of coffee and a muffin at the petrol station…

Shell has joined forces with PayPal, the online payment service, to introduce “Fill Up & Go”, a smartphone payment facility at pumps nationwide. Its introduction comes shortly after Apple launched its Pay digital wallet service, and is well timed to be of use to the increasing number of consumers who prefer to pay using their smartphone.

The principle is similar to the PayPal technology in shops such as Pret A Manger and Pizza Express, and requires drivers to have a free app, called Shell Motorist, installed on their smartphone and a PayPal account.



The app works with both Apple and Android systems. Users can set a pre-determined limit for the cost of the fuel the app will purchase, between £5 and £150, and a five digit passcode is required for operation.

After pulling in at the pump, drivers remain in their car and the app scans a QR code graphic by the pump. If successful, a message appears, prompting drivers to step out and fill their car with fuel. Once the nozzle is replaced, the system sends a notification to the user’s PayPal account, which transfers the required funds to the Shell fuel station.

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